Organic Decorations

Groupsize:            Min.2 students, max. 7 students


*¥8000  Full day    (Morning and Afternoon class about 5 hours)            *¥4000  Morning or Afternoon    ( about 2.5 hours)                  

*  ¥2500   NEW                     organic lampshade 60 min lesson

  • Address:              Ropponmatsu Perpetual English Club
  • ( can also teach on location)
  • Tel:                     080-39634321
  • Instructor:            Mies Heerma
  • Email:        
    • Past workshops:
    • October  22, 25, 29, 31
    • November  3, 15, 19
    • Dec 3 

Upcoming workshops;
Course name:         Floral object
Dates:                   Dec 6 ( Full)

      We can plan a date for the next lesson together. Let me know when is good for you.

Reservation required !

Language:         The spoken language will be English, so while being         creative you can practice your English. If you don't speak English don't worry as I also speak some Japanese and will demonstrate how to make the arrangements. 

Ropponmatsu is a real interesting neighborhood. Here a little video about the area. 


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